Thursday, October 25, 2007

once upon a brittle star...

Was out at Changi Beach on 01 October 2007 and saw quite a few Brittle Stars.

This one was reactive to the light from the torch. It's amazing to see how they move!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Coral? upped, dead and muddy

Labrador - Sunday night 14 Oct - before the nemo dat was seen saw the passing of a large coral(?) of some type (anyone know what it is from the picture??). It was overturned and rather heavy. It seemed to have been broken off from it's base. As you can see, it was also covered up with lots of sediment.

Guess that dredging is taking it's toll...or maybe the sedimentation is a seasonal thing?

Monday, October 15, 2007

little knobby sea star @ labrador

Was at labrador on Saturday 13Oct when I noticed that it was a low tide. Despite not having proper footwear, I walked on careful not to step into the deeper puddles.

I almost missed this little red knobby sitting quietly in a small pool. It looked like it was some sort of gingerbread knobby. The knobs were still faint red and had not turned the darker brown/black commonly seen in the larger specimens.

Nemo dat Labrador

Went down to Labrador on Sunday for a look to see what might be still there.

Was happy to see a family of four wading around in booties exploring the shore. I went over to the wall of steel to see what was going on at that corner of the planet. It was all rubbish...literally....and loads of seaweed stuck on the fence. The sedimentation was really bad with huge areas covered in a sticky clay like mud.

As darkness fell, everyone left and I was alone on the beach. A 1.5m monitor made some noise as it scrambled up the landslide sheeting. The evening looked like a poor show until I came across this big colourful clown. It was a total surprise to see him so close to the shore.

Enjoy : )