Sunday, March 23, 2008

West Coast fishing - 7 bags full and scubatanks even

Was at WCP and saw a group of fishermen sharing an amazing catch... they had an assortment of fish and about 10 huge cuttlefish (rugby ball sized). They must have caught about 100 fish.

Wasn't able to sneak pics of the fish but they had lots of colourful fish like the copper banded butterfly fish(who would eat this?), and large coral bright yellows and blues. (see link :

They has so many fish that some were thrown back into the water. They fishers also had some scuba tanks, full wetsuits and gear....looks like they dived as well!...or maybe used the scubatanks to help them catch the fish...?

da boat...

Sharing the catch...about 7 large bags full.

Looks like fishing is taking on a more deeper (pun intended) level... even scuba gear is now part of the fishing gear.

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